TMJ NextGeneration Device

For the latest, most advanced TMJ treatment, choose Greencastle Dental. We offer patients the revolutionary NextGeneration Device as an optimal solution to manage TMJ symptoms. Our team of trusted dental professionals understands the negative impact that temporomandibular joint disorder can have on a person’s quality of life. If traditional TMJ treatments have proven ineffective or inconvenient, we invite you to discover the NextGeneration Device. We are a full service dental practice that serves patients of all ages in a warm, relaxing environment.

The Better Solution for TMJ Joint Pain Treatment

While custom mouth guards are most often used to treat TMJ, they can only be worn at night and they can lead to long-term teeth damage or changes in your bite. The NextGeneration Device is considered the better solution for effective TMJ joint pain treatment. It can be easily removed, yet the device can comfortably remain in place while patients eat and speak.

The NextGeneration device treats the TMJ joint at its nearest access point, the ear canal. By using a subtle anatomical change in the ear canal, the two custom-made ear canal inserts encourage an “open bite” position and minimizes the tendency to clench or tense the surrounding jaw muscles. Not only does this device reduce painful TMJ symptoms, but patients can also be confident that these ear canal inserts do not inhibit the passage of sound and are invisible from an outside view.

If you or someone you know suffer from TMJ symptoms such as clicking or popping in the jaw, ear pain or headaches, contact us today to learn more about the unique near field treatment method of NextGeneration Device.  We are currently accepting new patients and we welcome the opportunity to care for you and your family. Our office accepts most traditional dental insurance plans and we also offer CareCredit and Citi Health financing options. Our TMJ NextGeneration Device Specialists are waiting to answer your questions today.