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When it comes to replacing missing teeth, dentures are custom-made appliances that award patients with a set of fully functioning teeth. While fit is a common concern, modern day dentures are more comfortable than ever, due to better materials and technological advancements in dental care treatments.

There are several reasons for tooth loss, including periodontal (gum) disease, trauma, and tooth decay. While a few missing teeth may not seem like a big deal, the long term consequences are serious. When a tooth is not present to fill a space, the tooth next to it shifts out of its proper place. Some teeth may sag inward or begin to turn. Because teeth provide shape to an individual’s face, the result is that cheeks take on a sunken look. While this is happening, the jaw begins to lose bone density, because the roots of teeth are not present to stimulate additional bone tissue.

When patients wear dentures, they may smile with confidence, eat and speak normally, and maintain a youthful appearance with cheeks that are shaped and defined. With options such as full (complete) dentures and partial dentures, there is a suitable design that will work for you.

Partial Dentures

Often called a “bridge,” a partial denture contains replacement teeth that are attached to a plastic base. Used to replace one or more natural teeth, partial dentures may be fixed or removable. The benefits of partial dentures are:

  • Speaking and eating is easier
  • Cheeks and soft tissues are supported (youthful appearance)
  • The “bite” is preserved
  • Less stress on natural teeth and jaws
  • Oral hygiene is easier

Typically, removable partial dentures have a clasp that attaches to a few natural teeth, holding the denture in place. In some cases, crowns or “caps” may be recommended for a better fit and stability. As its name implies, a fixed partial denture does not need to be removed. It is cemented or bonded into place. Fewer adjustments are needed with fixed partial dentures, and there is less irritation noted.

Equipped with the latest technology for designing and fabricating denture solutions, Greencastle Dental raises the standard of care when it comes to replacing missing teeth. You can rest assured—we are committed to helping you determine the best option for you, one that will restore confidence and function for many years to come.

At Greencastle Dental, we look forward to customizing a denture solution for you. Contact us to schedule your consultation today.

Our Patient Reviews

Greencastle Dental

5.0 / 5.0

Based on 211 reviews

Paige W.

I’ve been a patient here for at least six years maybe longer. It’s a dentist office where you feel welcomed when you walk in the door. Everyone is courteous, and friendly. They all take time and patience in listening to you if you should have a problem. There very thorough with explaining exactly what needs to be done I wouldn’t change my dentist for $1 million. I will be with them forever. Thank you, GREENCASTLE dentistry

Taylore E.

We have been seeing Dr. Jason and Dr. Adcock for a couple of years now. We had been searching for a dentist that was good with children as our oldest had a horrible experience and was very frightened of the dentist. One visit to Dr. Jason was all it took to put her at ease and to show us that this practice was different and was here to help and care for our entire family. We now live in Nashville, TN and we make the drive for any dental issues and cleanings because the service, friendliness, and expertise can not be matched!! The entire staff is amazing! I recommend them all the time to all of our Ga friends! We will never use anyone else!!

Melissa C. M.

So glad I found this office. Awesome staff. I’m extremely paranoid of all things dental and always worry about the pain of procedures and cleanings , but I’ve had a root canal done here & the injections to numb me up were pretty close to painless. Very skilled in pain management and very open and upfront about any questions regarding your procedure. I love my dentist!

Brenda K.

The most professional, kind and gentle staff ever. Dr. Jason Lee is an outstanding dentist. The team always knows me and my dental history and will make all accommodations to my schedule that are needed, even in urgent circumstances. I may not be blessed with great teeth, but I am blessed with a wonderful dentist.

Todd T.

I suffered a broken tooth last night. It was beginning to hurt and was very sensitive to hot and cold. I called Greencastle this morning and fit me right in. I was worried about having pain over the weekend. The staff took great care of me from reception, to hygienist, to the doctor. Couldn’t have been more friendly and helpful. Highly recommend.

Dale D.

Have been going to Dr Jason (and his Dad since the 70s) and Joy for as long as I can remember. The staff is professional and personable. Dr Jason is great at the every-day services - fillings, crowns, etc and an artist with cosmetic dentistry and he is always concerned with your comfort.

Kevin G.

Another stands....I and my family have been going to Greencastle Dental for 15 years. They are simply the best at everything they do. We've had all the normal work plus braces, crowns, root canals, etc. Nobody wants to go to the dentist, but if you have to go, they are the are the best. Dr. Lee is awesome, & all his hygienists and staff are awesome to work with.

Joshua L.

My experience has been great every time I have come here and that has been a lot lately. I am the kind of person that does a lot of research before choosing who to go with. All the other 5 star reviews don't lie! The only thing is that I do not have insurance so it has been kind of pricey. However, it is worth it for me to have quality work done. Also the 25% discount plan helps.

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